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Fame Impex trading PLC.

Fame Impex trading Pvt. Ltd. Company was established in 2003 with a paid up capital of Birr 8 million, fully owned by family members. The company’s Fixed Asset has reached now more than 80 million Birr. The owner and Managing Director of the company has vast experience in different private companies as marketing manager, General Manager, and Board VP for 15 years before establishing Fame Impex Trading PLC and other subsidiary companies.

Fame Impex Trading PLC is playing a significant role in importing and distributing wide range of products with very competitive prices and biggest distribution networks. We also distribute different imported food stuff and detergents to local wholesalers and retailers with the world’s renowned brands like KENTL, OBA, Baby Star, Florida and other FMGG products.

Fame Impex Trading PLC has also been engaged in exporting factories byproducts such as a non-Ferrous metal which is used for recycle purpose; Zinc Ash, Zinc Dross and Aluminum are few items just to mention.

Also it is known with multinational representation and its major brands like: McVities (UK), Lorenz Ch (Germany), Mara Canned Food (Italy), ULKER (Turkey), Novarino (UK), Wilde Juice (South Africa), Greenland Juice and Milk (Egypt), Lactosy Milk (Thailand), Alokozay Tea (UAE), Torto Foods (Malaysia), etc.

History in Brief

Safeway Supermarket is a private Company founded in Ethiopia. The primary business activity of the Company is supermarket, fast food and grocery products. The Company is related to numbers of international suppliers and brands. The Company, Safeway Supermarket was conceived to exploit and leverage on the opportunities provided by the high demand for best supermarket service.

In realizing the need of Ethiopian shoppers to enjoy best quality, proximity and price in retail stores, the founders of Safeway Supermarket sought out the best global partners to bring world class methodology and technology to drive the retailing capability and employment in Ethiopia. Hence, Safeway plans to open as many as 100 stores across Ethiopia in the coming years with some offering 24hrs shopping experience.

why choose us

We strongly feel you will be persuaded to give us that rare opportunity to give you a “wow experience” because of the following simple reasons: We make our customers feel they are truly dealing with their friends, we consistently deliver best and high quality products like none other, we offer extremely competitive prices such that we are hard to beat, excellence and customer-centric services are guaranteed always and we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied.
We consistently deliver best and high quality products like none other.


EFFECTIVENESS: We are thorough and train our team to make decisions based on professional criteria. We look for return on our actions. We offer our customers top quality products and services at the best price.

INITIATIVE: We remain alert to any changes in the market in which we operate and anticipate future needs with creative and innovative solutions.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

RESPECT: We respect our commitments, colleagues, customers, suppliers, and vendors. We generate an environment of trust, and accept diversity and differences in opinion. It is in this way that we work in a climate of security, credibility and personal respect.

TEAMWORK: We work as part of a coordinated team with a shared goal. We promote positive relations to make the most of individual talent, allowing us to obtain better results. Teamwork: meeting our challenges and opportunities as one team, focused on common goals.

ACCOUNTABILITY: holding ourselves accountable for delivering results and always doing the right thing.


Safeway’s mission is to offer shoppers quality at best prices, to which end the company is inspired and abides by the following core business principles: efficiency, initiative, respect, teamwork and customer focus. Our values provide the guidance for behaving responsibly at all times and taking decisions informed by business ethics in order to deliver our mission of enabling shoppers to buy quality products at best prices across our network of stores. Moreover, we provide our business ethics blueprint to all the people, organizations and institutions we work with so that they are familiar with what drives us.


Our Vision is to make a real and big difference in food retail and supermarket industry, in importing wide range of products with good quality, affordable prize and distributing to local market and to significantly contribute to Ethiopia’s Economy in exporting byproducts.
We always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied with our brands.


Safeway is essentially a vibrant team of young, smart and well-trained professionals experienced in the areas of customer care, marketing and management. We are eager to make our mark in the Ethiopian business landscape by delivering high quality products and best service beyond our client’s expectations. Currently the company has 445 employees in total out of which 320 are females and remaining are males.


Structurally, there are 4 corporate level managerial positions reporting directly to the Managing Director as clearly attached here with on the separate paper.
  • Finance Department
  • Commercial Marketing Department
  • Human Resource Department
  • Branch Operations – Safeway Supermarket